Director of Operations / Executive Director

  • Held a C-level position within an organization
  • Bachelors of Geological Engineering
  • Received one or more promotions within an organization
  • Yearly Conventions Keynote Speaker and Corporate Investor Presenter
  • Managed 50+ personnel in over 20 countries
  • Donates time to philanthropic causes or organizations


A highly skilled and energetic leader & manager with more than 20 years senior management and executive experience in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Track record in building teams, reengineering processes, and streamlining systems to maximize performance and enhance retention. Exceptional communicator and inspiring motivator with refined technical and financial expertise, strong analytical skills, and a data-driven approach to improving operations.

  • Managed budgets up to $20M and led cross-functional teams of 50+.

  • Drove R&D improvements using low-cost methods in field applications that increased target success rate 90%.

  • Developed and led worldwide fundraising programs, producing more than $1M annually, and increased membership for non-profit at a steady 5% per year.


  1. -
    Associate Director, The Restored Church of God

    Non-profit, faith-based organization, headquartered in Wadsworth, Ohio, USA, with membership meetings weekly in over 65 countries and territories around the world. Senior Administrator managing 10-person administrative staff and 55+ field representatives, directing operations, developing standard operating policies and procedures, recruiting, and training field staff members, and developing multi-media leadership training programs and materials. ➢ Helped increase membership at 3%+ per year rate and increased revenues more than 15%, as key member of the Executive Growth Team, collaborating on marketing efforts and advertising campaigns and managing organizational development. ➢ Managed and coordinated annual leadership conferences with more than 100 attendees, an annual worldwide convention at 21 world-wide sites with thousands of attendees, and youth services and materials including a 2-week leadership camp for teens from over 14 countries. ➢ Led a worldwide fundraising effort, producing more than $1M annually, increasing the overall corporate cash flow by 15% / year. ➢ Trained and deployed 30 Field Representatives over 4-year period, successfully doubling international representation and driving a stable growth rate exceeding 3% per year. ➢ Streamlined headquarters CAD staff, while measurably increasing operational efficiencies.

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    Chief Geophysicist / Executive, Arsenal Energy Inc

    Arsenal Energy Inc. is an oil and gas exploration, development and production company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Merged with Lone Pine Resources in 2016. Directed prospect development and project generation of oil and natural gas prospects, interpreted seismic data in support of geological mapping of subsurface, evaluated. Asset Acquisition and Divestiture opportunities, and maintained investor relations. ➢ Held responsibility for budget development and management and internal IT systems, and owned large-scope multi-million-dollar seismic programs. ➢ Orchestrated successful turnaround strategy for the company, divesting assets to resolve debts, and securing additional investor funding to exploit multiple new exploratory prospects. ➢ Spearheaded investor presentations, securing more than $20M in flow-through investment funding. ➢ Key player in major acquisition, effectively doubling corporation size to over $125M and positioning the company to leverage a major resource asset.

  3. -
    Senior Geophysicist, PrimeWest Energy Inc

    PrimeWest Energy Trust develops, produces, and sells natural gas, crude oil, and natural gas liquids; bought by Abu Dhabi National Energy Co. in 2007. Provided Geophysical support, interpretation, and prospect generation of 50% of the corporate assets exceeding $1B, assisted with oil and gas Exploration and Development, and managed a team of Geophysical Technologists & Data Managers. ➢ Increased company cash flow by $30M with four new wells, increasing the reserve value of the area 200% overall corporate oil output by over 5% annually. ➢ Revitalized an asset and extended project life by 6-8 years through a comprehensive analysis of previous data, increasing the capital program by $10M and driving new gas production of 10 mmcf/d from a previously offline gas plant. ➢ Applied advanced attribute seismic analysis to identify a previously untapped reservoir that produced more than 2000 BOE/D, increased the reserve value of the area 200%, increased corporate reserves by millions of barrels, improved annual cash flow by $30M and increased overall corporate oil output by over 5% per annum.

  4. -
    Exploration Geophysicist, ConocoPhillips Canada

    Provides geophysical support and interpretation for asset teams, guidance for development and exploration, and planned and implemented projects for purchasing and conducting geophysical surveys.

  5. BEng-Geological Engineering, University of Waterloo
  6. -
    Exploration Geophysicist, Mobil Oil Canada

    Student geophysicist on high profile Hibernia offshore Canada oil project.


  • global business operations
  • profit growth
  • project & program management
  • c-Level decision support
  • growth strategies
  • continuous process improvement
  • business turnaround
  • cost control
  • fund raising
  • logistics
  • team leadership
  • coaching & mentoring
  • staff development
  • training & development
  • cost reduction
  • crisis management
  • negotiations
  • vendor management
  • strategic planning



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